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16.07.2022 Summer Gathering @ Bret Amsterdam

11.06.2022 10 Year anniversary @ Lofi


Easter Gathering @ Bret

After the 10 year tour kick of in Manchester we rush back to the beloved Bret for our traditional Easter Gathering.

SlapCast068 by Renat Husin

The mysterious northman Renat Husin ( @que_pending ) has been a keystone to our musical foundation. You probably danced your ass off on his Live set where the damage has been done in all dutch venues/festivals between 2007/2015 under another alias.

Well he's back and packed with a bag of gems!

SlapFunk Bender 26-03 @ Loft & Shelter

Coming in hot on the 26th March is our big 18 hour bender spread over two venues with some of our Slapfunk favourites. Switching it up a bit we are kicking off the proceedings with Youandewan and Huerta making there debut at the Loft while Anil Aras and DJ Senc represent on their home turf. This pre party will be the perfect way to watch the sun go down and get the juices flowing before we continue until the early morning at the mighty Shelter. Our extended family members Dungeon Meat will be making their debut at the club, helping Doudou MD, Samuel Deep and Benny Rodriguez blast those bass bins on one of the best sound systems in the city.

SlapCast067 by Hamish & Toby

Taking a trip down memory lane with brothers Hamish & Toby. Enjoy this 1 hour & 40 minutes live recording of our ADE '21 session with VBX at the Veronica ship. A set packed with hot stuff.


SlapFunk x VBX @ LOFI 27/02

Finally! Lockdowns are lifted and other suffocating measures are being rolled back.
The time has come to bring the life back into Amsterdam nightlife.

For this grand restart we are favouring collaboration over competition. Joining forces has enabled us to lock-in some of our absolute favourite artists; Laurine, Sweely and The Ghost!

No point in half assing a once in a lifetime comeback 
Our guests will be flanked by usual suspects from both Slapfunk as well as VBX.

Tickets :

Upcoming EP - SE62 Shaking Trees

Someone call the bomb squad because once again SlapFunk drop some fresh dynamite guaranteed to detonate any discerning dance floor. This time they recruit long time friend, one of Ukraine’s house music stalwarts and resident at the legendary Closer in Kiev, SE62.

Here he delivers a solid 4 track E.P that packs the smack we’ve come to expect with every SlapFunk record. Clearly showcasing his raw, rugged house sound, guaranteed to make you swing your thing, snap your neck and break a sweat. No need for long descriptions, we like to let the music do the talking. One listen and you’ll hear that this is an essential record for any house music lover. So It’s with great pleasure and pride that we welcome this supremely talented D.J / producer to the SlapFunk family and present to you these killer cuts.

SlapFunk Sunday Gathering @ Lofi

On November 14th we will return to one of our fav spots: Lofi. With a lovely line-up that speaks for itself, an upgraded light & sound system at the venue, a get together on a Sunday… is all the warmth we need during these cold days.

Benny Rodrigues B2B Samuel Deep
The Ghost
Julian Anthony
Doudou MD

We have a limited amount of family tickets & early access tickets [entrance before 5PM]


* Currently, only a negative test certificate, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination will give you access to all our events. For more information, visit:

Marathon Monday @ Bret

As always we will be closing this year's ADE at our beloved Bret on monday morning. Tickets are available trough our Telegram channel.

Subscribe here:

SlapFunk x VBX People in Love @ Veronicaschip

For the final chapter of our ADE 2021 story we touch down on the hallowed grounds of Veronicaschip. The low cap venue with it’s trademark balcony overlooking the intimate wooden dance floor will provide the perfect backdrop for an undoubtedly memorable after hour session. The kind were all sense of space and time will become nothing but a footnote and all that remains will be vibes and smiles for miles. For this special occasion we have entrusted some of our nearest and dearest with the musical keys to the kingdom.


ADE Gathering @ Shelter

On October 16th part one of our SlapFunk ADE trilogie will take place in Shelter.

Lined-up for you we have nonetheless than hotshots Sweely, The Ghost B2B Gene On Earth, Samuel Deep & Sanja, who will without a doubt guide you through this kick-off of our mad ADE marathon. There you go, do we need to say more?

Ticket are on sale now through Telegram, the rest will be sold on Monday


People in Love SlapFunk x VBX @ Lofi


Sunday 03.10.2021 | Lofi Amsterdam

PEOPLE IN LOVE, it is time for our date.
After 3 cancellations, it looks like we can finally go through!

On Sunday, the 3rd of October, VBX & SlapFunk are coming together to showcase their love and unity at our beloved Lofi Amsterdam.


Doudou MD
Samuel Deep


Unfortunately, a negative test certificate, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination is required for entry at all events. Please make sure to check here for all latest updates & regulations:

Return of the Funk @ Bret

We are very happy to invite you for a special one, after almost 2 years of waiting we are back at our beloved red box, BRET.

Return of the Funk; this Sunday, the 26th of September.

We'll be kickin’ it from 12PM until 11PM. An 11 hour session coming up with Slapfunk’ finest.

Early access tickets will be sold through SlapFunk Records Telegram channel.
Subscribe here:


Unfortunately, a negative test certificate, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination is required for entry at all events. Please make sure to check here for all latest updates & regulations:

SlapCast #66 by DouDou MD

We got Doudou MD layin' it down for SLAPCAST066. Listen here.

Slapcast #65 by Brawther

Our good friend and SlapFunk resident Brawther come trough with a solid UKG mix as this month's slapcast. 

Slapified #4 by Samuel Deep

Check out the tunes Samuel Deep curated for our fourth playlist in the Slapified series on Spotify.

Slapified #3 by Brawther

Brawther just blessed us with a juicy tracklist for our third Slapified series.

Slapified #3 by Pascal Benjamin

Check out the new Slapified on our spotify page by Pascal Benjamin.

Slapified #2 by Anil Aras

Check out the second playlist in our Slapified series curated by the homie Anil Aras.

SlapFunk Beanie

The brand new limited edition  SlapFunk beanie is now available in our webshop.

Slapified Spotify Series

We're starting off 2021 with Slapified, our new playlist series on Spotify. Essential selections by our crew, artists and loved ones.

First up is the one and only Yogh, including tracks from MF DOOM, James Brown, Yusef Lateef and more.

Slapified [1] - Yogh:

SlapCast #64 by Boris Werner

We are closing this year with a bang, the homie Boris Werner recorded this month's SlapCast for you to enjoy.

New merch available!

We got some brand new merch in our webshop. Check it our here.

SlapCast #63 by Enrico Mantini

House legend Enrico Mantini recorded a solid set for us as this month's SlapCast.

SlapCast #63 by Mauro Moreno

Chunky house from our homie and fellow Utrecht citizen. 

Ayo Skidlo EP by Huerta out now!

Grab your copy here:

Slapcast061 by Alex Jansen

This month we've got Alex Jansen outta Nijmegen for our SLAPCAST061. Enjoy this house heater today, turn it up.

SlapFunk: Summer Gathering - Lofi Courtyard

SATURDAY 25TH OF JULY | 13:00 - 23:00 | LOFI

Tickets via
- Tickets & tables for 2, 4 or 6 persons.
- Drinks & bites are available on the courtyard.
- Music provided by our usual suspects & more.

After a magnificent kick-off, we are happy to announce our second gathering in summer time. Save the date of Saturday July 25th, and secure a spot on the most beautiful 2000m2 outside terrace of Lofi Courtyard. Join us in our get-down showcase revolving around music, food, art and most important: the presence of our SlapFunk family.

Music by Ingi Visions, Anil Aras & Pascal Benjamin
Diner by Famous Flavours

SLPFNK024 "Ayo Skidlo EP" by Huerta (coming soon)

Very happy to announce that pre-sale for our upcoming SLPFNK024 release is now online via our new distribution partner Subwax Bcn.

Visit → and be amongst the first to get your hands on a copy.

"While having released a wide variety of music with a strong own identity, it’s fair to say that Huerta fully incorporated the SlapFunk vision on this one."


SlapFunk Gathering @ Lofi

We have been waiting for this: the time is high for a SlapFunk gathering.

Times like these ask for a spirit of invention, and with some twists and turns, we’ve put our love into creating a real-time get together. Save the date of June 20th, and secure a spot on the most beautiful 2000m2 outside terrace of Lofi Courtyard. Join us in our get-down showcase revolving around music, food, art and most important: the presence of our SlapFunk family.

*Join Whatsapp Family [for all future pre-sale] → Add +31 6 393 66 486 to your phone contact list. Send us the following message on Whatsapp: SlapFunk ON. Done. First come, first serve. More info:

Slapcast057 by Benny Rodrigues

Master Benny Rodrigues for SlapCast #57! Netherlands most versatile dj is a true inspiration to us as we follow him since our early club days. He always puts our dancefloor on fire like no one else. Listen here.

@bennyrodrigues: My favourite parties are the ones where you feel this "I wanna see all my friends at once" kinda vibe and to me SlapFunk represents this infectious warm vibe to it’s core. A group of diverse & colourful people who bring a sense of unity on the dancefloor that reminds me of why i love dj-ing so much. SlapFunk is culture”

Slapcast056 by Sam Bangura

We got @half-baked-records and @northsouthrecords London's own Sam Bangura spicing things up with this month's slapcast, listen here.

SlapCast055 by Miller

Realgang frontman Miller laying it down for his second Slapcast. Almost two hours filled with his fine taste for minimal and house grooves. Click here to listen.

SlapCast054 by Julian Anthony

Check out this month's slapcast recorded by the homie Julian Anthony, one hour of quality house music for you to enjoy, listen here.

SlapFunk 8 year anniversary weekender

We're celebrating our 8th aniversary with a crazy weekender, starting on friday 13 march at Radio Radio with a pre-party / exposition by Julie van Straaten with her analog photo's of our events. Followed by Shelter on saturday with a premiere of the homie Brawther's brand new live set. After that we have a afterparty at Veronicaschip till 8pm on sunday. For more info check out  the event page.

SlapFunk Records 8 year anniversary

Our 8 year anniversary is coming up and we're celebrating it with a crazy weekender. On saturday the 14th of march we invited Brawther to join us in Shelter Amsterdam for his brand new live performance. To top this off we got Benny Rodrigues and our very own Ingi visions with a 4 hour b2b serssion and last but definitely not least we got our resident Sanja warming up this delicious evening. Tickets are going fast grab them here. 

SlapCast051 by William Caycedo

The homie Caycedo blessed us with a extra Slapcast this month for you to enjoy, a true cratedigger's selection in this two hour mix. Check it out here.

SlapCast050 by Brawther

One of our oldest friends but newest resident Brawther came trough with a solid hour of new and oldskool garage and jacking beats for this months slapcast, check it out here.

Ingi Visionair EP

Ingi Visions strikes again. After their previous 'Get Slapped EP' it was time for some new heat: 'Ingi Visionair' E.P. will be out early 2020.

A1. Samuel Deep - SlapTrax
A2. Ingi Visions - Visionair Wan
B1. Julian Alexander - Macrodyn
B2. Ingi Visions - Visionair Tu

Pre-order and listen here [Juno]:


New Merchandise

We got a bunch of new merchandise available on our webshop including a special limited edition Ingi Vision shirt in collaboration with Almost Not Done, a SlapFunk scarf to keep u warm and slipmats for the vinylheads out there. 

SlapFunk @ Shelter Amsterdam

We're back at the infamous Shelter Amsterdam with a juicy line-up.

SlapFunk Afterhours @ Veronicaschip

After our Shelter session saturday the 2nd of november we will continue on the infamous Veronicaschip.

SlapCast 048  Markus Sommer

This month's Slapcast is recorded by  Markus Sommer, check it out here.

ADE Schedule 2019

ADE is around the corner and we got a nice busy schedule this year. For more info check our event page.

Slapcast 046 Stevn.aint.leavn

This month's Slapcast is recorded by our homie Stevn.aint.leavn from Beste Modus, check it out here.

SLPFNK022  "No Data" EP by Martinez

Check out the forthcoming "No Data" EP by Martinez on our soundcloud, pre-order available on 

SlapFunk Summer Gathering #2

We're back at Bret for another  summer gathering the 25th of august, celebrating Samuel Deep, Anil Aras and Stooge Wilson's birthdays. Tickets are available now!

Raw Joints 6.1 & 6.2 out now

The Raw Joints series is one of the best things about our label, and we're back with a fresh bout of sounds from some of the most inventive artists operating in the minimal house sphere. You can grab the vinyls on and digital versions of the two records will be available on our bandcamp soon. Click on the artwork to buy the vinyls.